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Our Team

Pacific has proudly provided solutions for over 60 years with an experienced, talented and dedicated team with backgrounds in quality management, product management, software engineering, operations, product engineering, customer service, sales and logistics.

We are here to help you at each stage of your business need so that you pick the right product, deploy and use the products to provide the solution you expect and turn to us at any stage when you need additional help.

Following are some of our team highlights:

  • Fulltime Director of Quality to maintain our ISO 9001:2015 Quality System
  • Product Management experts, in both the raw materials and the finished goods market
  • Software engineering to design and implement integrated, optimized order and transaction processing and inventory management capabilities while affording comprehensive, real time reporting of all kinds
  • Certified Equipment Specialists fully trained to provide both technical and practical packaging solutions
  • Packaging Engineers who innovate and provide unique solutions to customers for the competitive edge
  • A team of over 60 Sales and Account Management team members, all comprehensively trained
  • Our own fleet of tractor-trailers, operated by long-term, Pacific professional drivers