Production Costs with Film & Paper Banding

Banding with film and paper offers many perks: the equipment to apply is compact with a small footprint; it can be self-standing or inline to speed up the production process, all while being very environmentally friendly. Using film and paper banding is very popular in many industries, including:

  • Commercial printers, where it often replaces shrink films, bags, and cartons to unitize bundles of printed materials.
  • Cut and stack label manufacturers, unitizing stacks of labels in specific counts as they exit the guillotine station.
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    Finding the Right Solution for Dimensional Weight Challenges

    The hallmark of the Pacific sales force is that they deliver product information that drives value and lowers packaging costs. Nowhere is this more critical than in the competitive world of e-Commerce. With Amazon offering free shipping to their clients, it can be a matter of survival for competing businesses to lower shipping costs. The greatest amount of freight savings for the on-line sellers is in the area of dimensional weight (DW).

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    Replace your Steel Strap, Polyester Strapping offers more!

    With projections of continued price increases in steel strapping, now is the perfect time to consult with a member of the Pacific Packaging sales team and review a broad range of options to making the conversion to polyester strapping.

    Polyester strapping offers many benefits over steel; it offers real cost savings per foot while creating a safer environment to those working with it.

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    Packaging Automation Solutions and Equipment

    Pacific Packaging offers a variety of equipment and automation solutions that maximize your companies profit and scalability. These systems increase the output of goods while eliminating unnecessary repetitive tasks. We have a variety of systems to choose from that best fit your company’s needs. Our in-house experts can work with you on site to help your company find the best cutting-edge solutions. Contact for a free consultation.

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    Pacific Packaging Products And Sustainability

    At Pacific Packaging our sustainability program enables our clients to implement profitable business strategies that account for our society and the environment while maximizing their profit.


    The mission of Pacific Packaging is to work with partners to be environmental, economic and social stewards in order to continue supporting and promoting holistic sustainability programs.
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