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About Us

Founded in 1952, Pacific Packaging Products Inc. provides expert business solutions to increase our customers’ competitive edge and profitability. Whether it is in packaging design, packaging manufacturing and converting, packaging equipment and automation, or the utilization of Pacific’s unparalleled USA coast-to-coast and Caribbean infrastructure to deliver lean, supply chain management services, Pacific is the optimal partner for your demanding business. Pacific has the leverage and reach of a large multinational corporation, with the flexibility and innovation of a family owned, independent company.

  • Products: Over 15,000 stock and custom items in modern, centrally located 1 million square feet of dedicated, clean and modern warehouse space to provide storage for all your stock and custom packaging requirements, in a safe and secure environment
  • Lean Supply Chain: As Supply Chain Managers, Pacific has unparalleled expertise in “Lean” processes, affording our customers guaranteed “real-time” product availability while reducing inventory, capital, labor and transactional costs
  • Solutions: As Designers and Engineers, Pacific can develop the optimal solution for developing your packaging, automating your packaging process, creating market-appeal at the point of purchase
  • Pricing: As Master Convertors and Manufacturers, Pacific affords its customers custom products quickly, at “direct manufacturer” pricing
  • Customer Service: Our service team constantly keeps up with the latest products, service and technologies to provide the best solution
  • Industries: Serve a wide range of industries, including Food & Beverage, Military, Retail, Manufacturing / Industrial and Healthcare / Pharma
  • Sustainability: Our sustainability program extends to doing our part in preserving our rainforests, promoting recycling and supporting our customers, partners and employees

Whether it is industrial packaging, equipment using the latest technology, or safety products, Pacific has a history of proven service, innovation and focus on quality business solutions.

As a North American leader in industrial packaging and related products and services, Contact Pacific for the experience, expertise and proven Supply Chain capabilities to bring broad and measurable value to your organization.