Lean Supply Chain

Pacific has unparalleled expertise in the area of LEAN Supply Chain Management methods, enabling our customers to transparently integrate Pacific's products and services into their business as a unified, highly successful business model. The supply chain, and the inventory contained in it, should flow efficiently, ensuring that there is no waste in the process. Pacific is able to bring the knowledge, resources and methodology to you, with no additional investment required.


  • Reduction in Inventory Carrying and Management Costs:
    • Vendor Managed Inventory - transferring management responsibility to Pacific
    • Guaranteed Next-day or Same-day delivery - enabling reduced inventory quantities
    • Consignment Program - pay for only for what is used, after it’s used
  • Optimized Management of Capital and Transaction Processing:
    • Consolidated Invoicing – improving cash flow by 50% on average
    • Electronic Invoicing and Settlement - reducing total transactional expenses
  • Full eCommerce and eProcurement Support and Integration:
    • eCommerce Internet Catalog - custom, private and intuitive for your specific products and processes
    • Integrated eProcurement - Pacific can integrate directly into your system through a variety of technologies, including “punch-out” (cXML, EDI, etc.), enabling complete transaction transparency and the elimination of redundant operational steps. We can accommodate virtually any system, including SAP, Oracle and Microsoft applications

Contact Pacific for a detailed analysis outlining the savings a Lean Supply Chain solution can offer your organization.

Lean Supply Chain Expertise to Lower Costs

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