Direct Mail / Fulfillment

An important function of a Direct Mail / Fulfillment business is to utilize innovative solutions in the form of process optimization, automated equipment, packaging, packaging design and supplies. 

Pacific’s Expertise

Automating high volume processes such as packing, kitting, or assembling, will minimize cost and maximize output. Whether at individual packing stations, or as part of a centralized packaging line, a variety of semi-automatic, and automatic equipment can assist with banding, shrink wrapping, bundling, case erecting and sealing, stretch wrapping, bagging, labeling, and skin and blister packaging.  Pacific has in-house automation experts to audit and review your packaging processes and put forth product and process recommendations. This allows the customer to choose the right fit for their needs, budget and plan.

The other important part of Direct Mail / Fulfillment is making sure the best packaging, packaging design and supplies are used.  Using innovative products that ensure the best protection while minimizing the dimensions of the package optimizes content protection while minimizing shipping costs.

Our design team will develop custom eye-catching, branded, innovative packaging designs to optimize exposure helping to drive market penetration and sales. Direct Mail / Fulfillment can also benefit from Pacific’s wide range of products such as tapes, labels, void fill and protective packaging solutions.

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