Inventory Management OPTIMIZATION

Managing the inventory is critical to a company’s success.

At Pacific, our inventory management solutions benefits include:

  • Reduced inventory carrying costs
  • Guaranteed product availability
  • Reduced inventory errors while improving accuracy
  • Control of the order through the fulfillment cycle
  • Improve shipping performance
  • Real-time inventory reporting

Having the right inventory system allows for real time reporting of incoming inventory to aid in planning and manufacturing. It provides a picture of finished goods available for sale and enables planning and prioritization of shipments based on demand, season, turnover and many other factors. As part of our leading Inventory Management solutions, Pacific provides Vendor Managed Inventory and Consignment.


VMI is a solution in which Pacific takes responsibility for maintaining agreed inventory levels, usually at the customer’s location, while maintaining safety or “bulk” stock at Pacific’s facility.

As a symbiotic relationship, VMI makes it much less likely that the customer will run out of stock and reduces inventory in the supply chain. VMI fosters a closer relationship and understanding between Pacific and the customer, as Pacific becomes an extension of the customer’s operation. The supply and vendor delivery function, and the expense of managing the inventory are shouldered by Pacific. Benefits include reduced transaction costs, lower labor costs and an increased ability to do more with less.


Pacific retains ownership of the inventory at a customer’s site until the product is consumed. At the end of a cycle, typically monthly, a Pacific representative takes inventory, and invoices the customer for material that has been used. The customer only pays for what was used, with no carrying costs for additional product on the floor.

The advantage to the customer is that it improves their cash flow by not paying for raw materials until used, and virtually eliminates inventory carrying costs. It also assures materials are available without interruption, as products are stocked at the facility. Title for product transfers only when pulled from storage.

Other benefits

  • Eliminates “stock outs”
  • Enables value pricing, by having larger delivered orders (direct)
  • Ongoing relationship between Pacific representative and buyer/operations personnel

Pacific has become a leading packaging company over the last 60 years by providing its customers the competitive edge with the right customized inventory solution.

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