Strapping & Securing

Pacific has strapping, edge protection, and customized block and brace packaging to suit all your needs:

  • Steel, polyester, polypropylene strapping and as well as polycord in a variety of widths, break strengths, and thicknesses
  • Clips and seals for plastic and steel strapping that stay secured and lay flat
  • Strapping tools including low-cost tensioners, sealers and cutters to pneumatic combination tools for the most demanding applications
  • Portable strapping kits that include strapping, buckles and a steel tensioner for light duty applications
  • Strapping carts to store your tools, seals, and strapping while allowing mobility and ease of dispensing
  • Highly qualified service department to maintain all equipment

We offer a full range of fully automatic and semiautomatic strapping machines.  Semiautomatic strapping machines are used in light duty applications. Pacific offers automatic arch machines that are extremely reliable and come in side seal, dual press, small package, and stainless steel configurations. Our sophisticated, fully automatic arch strappers are used in-line and require no operator.

Edge Protection

Pacific offers a full range of edge protection products to reduce damage while helping to secure loads. These products, with a focus on sustainability, are made of multiple layers of recycled paperboard, laminated and formed into a rigid right angle. 

Benefits include:edge protection

  • Can be produced for virtually any size load
  • Branding opportunities
  • Reduce product damage
  • Secure loads with a higher strapping tension
  • Added strength for stacking of palletized goods
  • Repel and absorb corner blows
  • Can replace wood packaging


Contact Pacific for the best banding, strapping, securing and edge protection solution to meet your needs.

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