Pacific Packaging Products uses Fanuc robots for all robotic application. Fanuc has over a 65% world market share, and dominates the robot industry with unmatched reliability, quality, ease of use, and repeatability when compared to other robot manufacturers.

Fanuc’s LR Mate series, a very popular Fanuc robot used for pick and place applications, reducing our customers labor rates and increasing our customers production output, helping our customers improve their efficiency. Fanuc’s LR Mate robot acts like a human arm, offering up to 6 axis movement.

When looking for a Palletizing robot, Pacific Packaging Products recommends Fanuc’s M-410 series robots. Using a Fanuc Robot for palletizing allows our customers to palletize several different products at the same time, offers unmatched flexibility, various pack patterns, and easy job recall when compared to conventional palletizers that have many limitations.

Pacific Packaging Products can offer its customers the proper Fanuc robot for any application, based upon the needs of our customers.

Below are a few of the Advantages that Fanuc robots offer.

Lean Supply Chain Expertise to Lower Costs

Thousands of Products to Choose From


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