Security Seals

Security has never been more important than it is today. Pacific can help guarantee your shipment arrives at its destination in the same condition it left your facility. We supply a complete line of security seals to keep people or things out of your shipment. Security seals are used to prevent bioterrorism, to deter theft, or to identify product tampering. If any of your customers are members of C-TPAT (Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism) their shipments MUST be secured with seals for international shipment.

Basic Types of Seals:

  • Barrier Seals: Seals can only be removed with a tool. ISO-17712 is the specification for barrier seals. The seal must be tested by an independent testing lab for breaking strength, tensile strength, etc. prior to being accepted as ISO-17712 certified:
    • Cable Seals-One Piece Construction: A pull-up style seal that can be bent or custom manufactured to meet a specific need. Example: Varying length cable is attached to weave through multiple sealing points
    • Bolt Seals-Two Piece Construction: the locking body and the bolt itself. The bolt inserts into the locking body and it is sealed
  • Indicative Seals: Seals can be broken by hand or easily removed with scissors, knife, etc. Most indicative seals are polypropylene or nylon:
    • Pull-Up Style: The tail of the seal can be pulled tightly through the locking mechanism
    • Fixed Length: There is only one way to lock the seal, and usually leaves a loop when applied
    • Has a unique design AND number imprinted during manufacture

Pacific can supply seals to meet many applications, including securing tractor trailers, liquid or dry bulk tankers, shipping totes, and drums.

Contact Pacific for all your barrier and indicative seal needs.

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