Static & Humidity Control

Pacific Packaging has proven expertise in the technical applications of ESD and EMI protective material to help to our customers protect and safely ship their environmentally sensitive contents. When it comes to static and humidity control needs, ESD, EMI and VCI solutions play an important role.

Military Spec Products

Pacific Packaging has dedicated product and technical experts for military spec products and applications, supporting Government Defense contractors, as well as other industries.

ESD Electronic Static Discharge - can cause damage or alteration in original specifications. Pacific can supply ESD protective and functional packaging, providing peace of mind that the products will arrive safely.

EMI Electromagnetic Interference - shielding bags from Pacific have the ability to form what is called a “Faraday Case” to block voltage spikes from damaging the electronics.

VCI Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor - can be used to prevent rust and corrosion, especially where metal shipments are involved and exposed to salts when shipped via ocean freight.

A sampling of Pacific's wide variety of ESD, EMI VCI and Mil-Spec products include:

  • Anti-Static bags
  • Shielding bags
  • Conductive and anti-static foam
  • V3C and W5c Corrugated
  • PH Neutral Kraft Paper
  • Wax coated cloths
  • Desiccant
  • VCl Paper
  • Static Shielding and ESD
  • Laminated Foils
  • (Tyvek, Scrim, Film, Kraft)
  • Laminated products
  • Paper and corrugated
  • Powder and tablets
  • Liquids
  • Foam pieces
  • Emitters
  • Polyethylene film


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