Floor Maintenance

floor maintenance supplies

When entering a building, one of the first things to make an impression is how good or bad the floor looks. The secret to a good looking floor is having the right cleaning solutions, equipment, tools and materials to maintain wood, carpet, vinyl, or concrete floor covering.

Industrial strength floor maintenance equipment and supplies from Pacific can get the job done, with minimal investment and effort, to produce great looking floors. Choose from our wide range of floor maintenance products, whether you are a manufacturer, contractor or reseller.

  • Sustainable Floor Care Solutions – Products that use less chemicals, extend floor life and provide better air quality
  • Floor Care – Floor mats to protect high traffic areas, mops, durable floor finishes, carpets, hardwood cleaners
  • Floor Equipment – Floor machines, floor finishers, auto scrubbers, carpet shampoo, vacuum cleaners, restorers, extractors, sealers
  • Electrostatic discharges (ESD) – Anti static and conductive floor finish, protecting computers and other equipment

Contact Pacific for guidance and the best floor maintenance solution to meet your needs.

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