Wax Saturated Boxes

foam shippers

Our molded foam shippers are available in two construction design types, regular molded and StandAlone® molded. Regular molded shippers are designed to be paired with an outer corrugated master box. Our trademarked StandAlone® shippers have an integrated stud and insert design to allow boxes to interlock when stacked. They also feature an easy-on friction fit lid ensuring a tight seal is maintained eliminating the need for an outer box on palletized shipments. The average wall thickness for our molded foam shippers is 7/8". Our wax saturated boxes are the toughest most reliable design available on the market. The boxes are made of special water-resistant materials that are placed under 3 cascades of hot wax, completely enveloping the box creating a wax shell on the inside, outside, and throughout all interior corrugated flutes. There are other wax treatments available but we have found none as effective as our wax saturation.

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