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Pacific Packaging Products uses Fanuc robots for all robotic application. Fanuc has over a 65% world market share, and dominates the robot industry with unmatched reliability, quality, ease of use, and repeatability when compared to other robot manufacturers.

Pacific Packaging Products can offer its customers the proper Fanuc robot for any application, based upon the needs of our customers.

Case Erect

Pallet Wrapping Equipment

Pacific has a long history of providing pallet-wrapping solutions to meet diverse needs. Our equipment includes, overhead swing arm pallet wrapping machines, low profile, high profile, manual stretch wrappers and other solutions.

  • Increased productivity and savings
  • Uniform and consistent application
  • Minimization of employee injury
  • Case Erect

    Case Erecting Equipment

    Pacific Packaging Products caters to many industries and companies of different sizes, providing case erectors and sealing solutions.

  • Reduced tape and labor costs
  • Better presentation of cartons
  • Improved overall productivity
  • Case Erect

    Shrink Wrapping Equipment

    Pacific Packaging Products has served customers with shrink film and shrink wrapping equipment for the last 40 years. We have shrink equipment to suit your unique business requirements.

  • Reliable package quality
  • Easy set-up, adjustment and operation
  • Few production disruptions
  • Case Erect

    Automated Bagging Systems

    Pacific has expertise and experience in automated bagging and packaging systems for many industries, including food, fulfillment, parts, retail, medical and Pharma.

  • Reduce labor and improve throughput
  • Provide more aesthetically appealing presentation
  • Reduce product damage and loss through providing consistent, secure seals
  • Founded in 1952

    Pacific Packaging Products Inc. provides expert business solutions to increase our customers’ competitive edge and profitability.
    For over 60 years, Pacific has provided the ultimate customer service. Our customers fully benefit from the products and services we provide. Our customer service team has a combined 90 years of experience. The customer service team constantly keeps up with the latest products, service and technologies to provide the best solution.

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