Shrink Wrapping Equipment

Pacific Packaging Products has served customers with shrink film and shrink wrapping equipment for the last 40 years. We have shrink equipment to suit your unique business requirements.

shrink wrapping equipment
Key highlights and features of our shrink wrappers include:

  • Reliable package quality
  • Easy set-up, adjustment and operation
  • Few production disruptions
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Consistent package aesthetics

Pacific can design solutions for virtually any packaging application. These applications include:

  • Shrink Bundling
  • Multi-pack Bundling
  • Shrink Overwrapping
  • Sleeve Wrapping

A number of different types and configurations are available, each depending on: the products being wrapped, the type of packaging, and the integration requirements. Equipment types include:

  • Vertical and Horizontal Wrappers
  • Shrink Bundlers
  • Form, Fill and Seal
  • L-Sealers and Tunnels
  • Tuck and Fold Systems
  • Side Sealers

Pacific offers the finest shrink wrapping solutions in the industry from premiere companies:

  • Texwrap
  • Clamco

Contact Pacific to speak with our equipment and automation experts for shrink film and wrapping solutions that fit your budget and cater to your specific need.

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