Case Erecting and Sealing EQUIPMENT

Pacific Packaging Products caters to many industries and companies of different sizes, providing case erectors and sealing solutions.

safety gear protective clothing

Pacific’s automation and equipment experts understand the need for companies to optimize their business operations, and leverage benefits such as:

  • Reduced tape and labor costs
  • Better presentation of cartons
  • Improved overall productivity

Pacific offers the best case sealing solutions in the industry from companies such as 3M, Intertape and Wexxar, to make packaging for transport easier and more productive. From semi-automatic to fully automatic, Pacific can recommend the right equipment for any size and type of operation.

safety gear protective clothing


  • Fixed or Random case sizes
  • Easily integrated into a production line
  • Consistent tape and glue application
  • Semi or fully Automatic systems
  • Stainless Steel and FDA approved systems

Our Case Sealing solutions also include: case labeling, printing, product conveyors and packing stations.

Contact Pacific for the best case erecting and sealing solutions.

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