Chip, Paperboard & INDUSTRIAL PAPER

Paper-based packaging materials are a popular, renewable and versatile packaging medium.

Pacific not only supplies a wide array of these packaging products, but is also a large-scale convertor with the expertise to print, die-cut, guillotine and slit all types of papers to virtually any size and length for your application.

All grades are available in standard roll stock and custom sheet sizes, as well as jumbo industrial rolls for converting operations.

Industrial Papers available from Pacific Packaging Products include:

  • Natural Kraft Paper (Virgin Kraft), Recycled Kraft Paper, Indented Recycled Paper, Bleached, Colored, Semi-Bleached, Waxed Laminated, Poly Coated, Reinforced, and Printed Kraft, Asphaltic Waterproof Kraft, Ovenable Kraft, and Electrical Grade Kraft
  • Newsprint, Waxed Paper, Bogus, Crepe Paper, Grease Proof, Filter, Masking, and Parchment Paper, Butcher Paper, Silicone and Plotter Paper, Laminated Paper, Vapor Corrosive Paper (VCI), Saturated Paper, and Chemically Inert Paper
  • Tissue paper has seen a rebirth in recent years. Retail tissue comes in two grades with a multitude of choices and put-ups. Premium White, Colored (50 colors), and Custom Printed Tissue, Sheets or Roll Stock, Jumbo Rolls for Converting and Shredded Tissue
  • FDA, Mil-spec and other certified industrial paper products are available

Packaging Products - Chipboard and Paperboard

Whether you are using chipboard as a divider, to strengthen mailers and envelopes, adding protection for freight, or using it as a component of your own product, Pacific has a broad range of chip and paperboard products.

  • Plain Chip (Kraft colored)
  • SBS Coated
  • Pasted Chip
  • White 1 Side and White 2 Side
  • Solid Black Chip
  • Bending Chip
  • Mounting Chip

Chip and Paperboard products are available made from both virgin and recycled materials.

In addition to its stock products, Pacific offers a broad range of converting capabilities, including:

  • Guillotine Cutting and Trimming
  • Sheeting
  • Round Cut Corners (custom radius)
  • Angle Cut Corners - (custom length)
  • Rotary Slitting and Die Cutting

All converting is done at our Wilmington, Massachusetts facility, affording our customers master convertor pricing, flexible order sizes, and the service of a world-class Supply Chain Company.

Contact Pacific for the best chip, paperboard, and industrial paper solution.

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