Cleaning Supplies

cleaning supplies

Pacific provides a wide range of cleaning supplies while taking quality, convenience, health, safety and investment, into consideration. Our cleaning supplies have been used by facilities maintenance, food service, manufacturing, hospitality, cleaning services and many other industries. Use for Pacific’s products and services include:

  • Janitorial Cleaning – Brushes, buckets, sprays, carts, dusters, mop equipment, mops, brooms, floor signs
  • Window Cleaning – Safe cleaning solutions, cloth, poles, cleaning squeegees
  • Restroom Products – Lotions, sanitizers, liquid soap, air care systems, air fresheners, soap dispenser, touch free systems
  • Carpet Care – Scotch guard carpet protector, carpet shampoo, carpet extractor, carpet spotters, wet / dry vac, vacuum cleaners
  • General Cleaning & Maintenance – Degreasers, detergents, disinfectants, cleaners, sponges

Some of the top name brands, such as 3M cleaning solutions, distributed by Pacific include:

  • Cleaning Chemicals – Restroom disinfectant cleaners, deodorizer, floor cleaners and polishes
  • Hand Pads, Sponges and Cloths – Scotch Britepads, steel scrubbers, light scrub sponge
  • Floor Finishes & Protectors – Neutral cleaner, stone protector, easy shine kits, vinyl floor protector, floor pads
  • Flood Cleaning & Dusting – Easy Trap duster, Doodlebug pads, Doodlebug cloth, flat mop, floor sweeper

Contact Pacific for guidance and the best cleaning supplies solution for your business.

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