Pacific has supplied many industries with packaging over the last 60 years. The experience and insight gained has helped Pacific understand the unique needs of each industry and able to customize solutions.

  • Food & Beverage - Any packaging coming in contact with food & beverage must meet the highest quality and safety standards. To meet this goal, the material used for packaging has to be non-toxic and must not contaminate the food in any way
  • Military - The term, “military packaging” or “milspec” is used to identify items that have been developed in compliance with MIL-STD-2073-1, DOD Standard Practice for Military Packaging or specific military specifications. Pacific engineers and consultants rigorously build and test to the highest standards identified by the U.S. government
  • Retail - Packaging plays a key role in protecting and maintaining the manufactured state of the goods on the shelf and as well as communicating product features to the consumer. Pacific optimizes packaging by selecting the right material, design methods, regulatory considerations, shape and size with the ultimate goal of cost minimization, communication of the message to the consumer and provision of a quality product
  • Manufacturing / Industrial - The goal of packaging to contain, protect and ship, provide visibility, add functional value such as structure and shape, distributor acceptance, and address environmental and legal issues. Pacific Packaging is a subject matter expert in packaging for the manufacturing sector and will work closely with your company to identify your needs and propose the best solution
  • Healthcare / Pharma - Healthcare and pharmaceutical packaging has to take into consideration good design, communication with customers, counterfeiting, encouraging patient compliance, ensuring drug integrity and balancing child-resistance, accessibility for the elderly, safety and sustainability requirements 
  • Other Industries - In addition to the above industries, Pacific serves many other industries such as printing, moving, aviation and the automobile industry

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