For many years, Supply Chain professionals have been working to reduce wasted effort and excessive inventory by applying the principles of Lean Manufacturing across the Supply Chain. In order to accomplish this task, Supply Chain partners must first understand what Lean is, then increase the level of collaboration and teamwork.

At Pacific, we have led the industry over the last 60 years by providing innovative Lean Supply Chain solutions that help our customers gain a competitive edge.

Some of the highlights of our Lean Supply Chain Solution:

Lean Supply Chain
  • Lean Procurement – Elimination of waste in the Supply Chain
  • Guaranteed Same Day / Next Day processing
  • Variable Cost Client Model:
    • Vendor Managed Inventory
    • Consignment, KANBAN, Breadman
  • Transaction Reduction
    • eCommerce and integrated eProcurement
    • Electronic, consolidated invoicing and settlement
  • Capital Optimization

As a Pacific customer, you get the backing of an organization that truly understands the value of Lean Supply Chain solutions. It has a direct impact on lowering your costs, increasing efficiency, and helping your business focus on what it does best.

Contact Pacific to discuss how our product, service and technology solutions can be customized for you.

Lean Supply Chain Expertise to Lower Costs

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